Clean Or Replace The Maf Sensor on a 3.7l V6 Ford Mustang

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This article shows you how to clean or replace a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor on a 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 v6 Mustang.

The MAF sensor is used to measure intake air volume for use in calculations to determine fuel and timing.

Over time debris in the air builds up on the MAF sensor wires, and need to be cleaned. Cleaning them is very quick and painless, just be sure to use the proper chemicals.

Note: Just a warning for other car models. If your car has a Karman Vortex style MAF, it cannot be cleaned. Karman Vortex MAF's are constructed quite differently and are generally easy to identify. They are used on Toyota Supra Turbos, Mitsubishi and most Lexus vehicles.

Pop The Hood


Pop the hood using the lever on the driver's side kick panel.

Locate the Mass Air Flow Sensor


The MAF Sensor is located on the intake tubing after the air filter. The MAF on the stock air box is easy to see, as it's right on the front.

Remove Torx Screws


There are 2 x T-20 Torx screws holding the sensor in place. Remove them and place them somewhere safe, you'll be reusing them.

Optionally remove Electrical Connector


If you wish, you can remove the sensor from the connector now. I find it easier to do this after unscrewing the sensor because it's easier to see how the connector works.

Pull the red tab out, it slides a couple millimeters and stops.

With the red tab pulled out, you can now squeeze the locking pin down to pull the connector off.

Shown below is a gif of the same type of connector on a different sensor.

Clean the MAF Sensor


Spray the the MAF Sensor wires to clean off any particles or gunk that has built up. Feel free to spray into the sensor, be sure to spray the wires themselves. Only use MAF Sensor safe cleaner.

Do not mechanically clean the wires by rubbing or touching them.

Let the Sensor Dry


Let the sensor sit for 15 minutes to let the cleaner completely evaporate.

Re-install the MAF Sensor


Slide the MAF sensor back in place.


Install the 2 Torx screws.


Re-connect the electrical connector.

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