Change The Brake Light Bulbs on a Honda Accord

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Learn how to replace the brake/tail light, blinker, and reverse light bulbs on a 2008–2012 Honda Accord sedan. Fortunately these are pretty easy to change and barely require any tools.

  • Flat Head Screwdriver or similar tool.
  • Brake Light & Tail Light: 7443 Bulb (dual filament)
  • Rear Turn Signal/Blinker: 7440A Bulb (amber color)
  • Reverse Light: 7440 Bulb (clear bulb)

Gain Access to the Bulb


Open the Trunk.


Remove the bottom plastic trunk panel


Remove the plastic trim screw that keeps the carpeting in place.


Lightly fold the carpet panel back, you should now be able to see the back of the tail light.

Remove the old bulb


The brake light and tail light are in the same bulb (it's a dual filament bulb - one for each).

It's the main bulb in the center of the tail light. Unscrew it about a 1/4 turn and it should very easily pull straight out.


With the bulb and connecter out of the housing, remove the bulb from the connector by pulling it straight out of the connector.

Insert the new bulb


Insert the new bulb in place. They side in either direction, no need to worry about it being the right direction.

We had a slight issue with the Philips 7443 bulb having a base that was wider then the bulb that came out, so we'd recommend using the Sylvania bulb linked above.


Slide the bulb and connecter back into the tail light housing and lock it in place by turning it clockwise 1/4 turn.


Test both the brake light and normal running lights.

Reassemble the panels


Fold the carpet panel back into place. Make sure to place it back under the rubber trim around the trunk opening.


Reinstall the plastic trunk trim panel. There are about 4 clips, just start at one side, line them up, and press down to snap them back into place.


Reinstall the plastic rivet/screw.

For the plastic retainer to go in, the center screw must be removed all the way.

Insert the outer retainer into the hole, then screw the center back in to lock it in place.

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