Install The Led Fog Lights on a Lexus GS F Sport

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The 2013-2015 Lexus GS F-Sport is such a popular car on the road, mainly because of it's luxurious design, reliability, and fair price. However, what the GS F-Sport lacks is a set of fog lights! This problem can be easily solved with a set of direct fit Lexus GS F-Sport LED Fog Lights to give your USDM GS F-Sport the complete JDM look.


Turn the wheel so you have enough room to open the wheel base cover. You'll now be able to gain access to the back of the fog lamp location.


There's two clips that you will need to remove. Take your screwdriver and simply twist the clip a quarter rotation to loosen the clips.


Now you can open the wheel base plastic cover. Be sure that you have enough room to stick your hand inside the fog lamp location. Push the bezel fog lamp cover and release the tabs at the same time. You will be able to pop out the fog lamp garnish bezel. Be sure you have another hand ready on the other side of the fog lamp opening to catch the bezel.

You can see that the Lexus GS F-Sport LED fog light and the fog lamp garnish bezel are exactly the same size with the same clips, making your new LED fog lamps a direct replacement.


Insert your new Lexus GS F-Sport JDM Fog Lamps in the opening, starting with the wires first. Then push in your new Lexus GS F Sport Fog Lights into the lower bumper location. You will know that the assembly has locked into place once you hear a loud click noise.


When you look at the back of the fog lamp location in the wheelbase, you'll see a huge wiring harness covered by a tube of electrical tape. Unwrap a small portion of the black tape to expose the wiring.

You will see a group of wires. What we are looking for is the THICK GREEN WIRE.


Tap the red wire of the Lexus GS F-Sport Fog Lights to the thick green wire you just located. Wrap up the electrical tape in the wiring harness and use a zip-tie to secure.

Tap the red/black wire to the ground.

We recommend hard wiring the connection, as opposed to using T-Taps. T-taps may have a chance of resulting in a loose connection, but hard wiring is more secure.


After the wiring is completed, make sure everything lights up. Put all the components back in place. Enjoy your new Lexus GS F-Sport JDM Fog Lamps.

This new installation is sure to get plenty of people on the road notice your new LED lights. Now, you won't have to choose between the F-Sport trim or having fog lights on your GS. Enjoy your new Lexus GS F-Sport LED fog lamps.

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