Resetting The Oil Life Indicator on a Chevy or GMC

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Newer Chevys will have a built in Driver Information Center (DIC). If your Chevy/GMC is 2006 or newer, it comes with the GM Oil Life System. Oil light reset methods will vary from model to model, so when it in doubt consult your owner's manual.

2005 and older Chevy and GMC without DIC


With the doors closed, insert the key into the ignition and turn the key to the accessory power position. All the lights will be displayed on your instrument panel.


Within five seconds of turning the key, depress the accelerator fully to the floor three times.


Watch for the oil light to flash and turn off. If the oil change light does not turn off, turn the key to the off position and retry the process.

2005 or older Chevy or GMC with DIC


Turn the key to the accessory power position.


Locate and press the DIC button. The DIC button will have an image of a road or the letter "i" on it. Repeatedly pressed the DIC button until "oil life" is displayed on the onscreen menu.


Press and hold the check mark button on the DIC for five to ten seconds until the oil life display reads 100%.

2006 and newer Chevy or GMC


Turn the key to the accessory power position.


While the oil life message is displayed, press and hold the Enter button on the Driver Information Center for one second.


The Driver Information Center will display a reset acknowledgement message. Turn the key to the off position.


After you've reset the oil light, turn the key to the off position. Then start your vehicle. If you have successfully reset the oil maintenance light, it will not appear until your car is ready for another oil change.

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