Change The Oil on a 2000-2007 Toyota Highlander

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The Toyota Highlander is very easy to do an oil change on. The filter on the 3.3L v6 (3MZ-FE) is a little hard to see, and a little dangerous to touch when it's hot. Other then that, you really don't need much to be able to change the oil in your driveway (and make sure it's done right!).

Drain the Oil


Pop the Hood


Optional: Jack up the truck or drive it on ramps.

It may be possible to reach the drain plug without lifting the truck - but it'll be a little tight.


Wait for the engine to cool (the filter is right below the exhaust manifold on the v6)


Drain the oil by removing the 14mm oil plug


Install a new crush washer and re-tighten the oil plug. Torque to 33 ft-lb.


Remove the oil filter using your strap wrench.

It can be reached from the top if the exhaust is cold. If it's not you'll burn your hand. If you do not have time to wait - you can remove the plastic skid panel on the bottom of the engine bay to reach the filter.

Removing the filter is going to make a mess as oil drains down to the plastic skid panel. Clean up as much of this as you can before continuing.


Install a new oil filter.


Add oil. Remove the oil fill cap, place your funnel in the hole and pour the new oil in.

Both V6 models use 5 quarts while the 4 Cylinder uses 4 quarts.


Visually check for leaks (just in case you forgot to put the filter or drain plug on)


Start up the truck and let it run for 30 seconds.


Check for leaks again.

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