Replace The Headlight Bulbs on a 2000-2007 Toyota Highlander

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Learn to change the head light, high beam, low beam, daytime running light, and blinker bulbs on your 00-07 Toyota Highlander. The Highlander has enough space in the engine bay to make this pretty easy - It's dead simple to swap out a bulb today.

Remove the Burned Out Bulb


Pop the Hood open and use the support rod


Locate the burned out bulb.


Remove the bulb by rotating it counter-clockwise and pulling it out of the housing


Disconnect the old bulb from the wiring connector


Install the new bulb into the connector.

Do not touch the glass of the bulb - oil on your skin can reduce the life of the bulb)


Insert the assembled bulb back into the hole and rotate clockwise.


Test your new bulb!

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