Replace The Headlight Bulbs on a 2016-2018 Nissan Sentra

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Learn how to replace headlight 2016-2018 Nissan Sentra headlight bulbs. This howto includes all the correct tools and the part numbers you need.

They headlight bulbs can be a little difficult to reach, but they are replaceable by the average car owner. Just have some patience, a set of tools and some flexible limbs.

Special Note: The SL trim Sentra uses LED low beam bulbs

Open the Hood


Pop open the hood release.


Open the hood and prop it up.

The hood prop is attached to the hood itself, which is a little unusual if you've never seen it before.

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Locate the Bulb to Replace

Turn the lights on to see exactly which bulb is out. The low beams are closer to the outer edges of the car, while the inner side is the high beam.

Remove the Burnt Out Bulb


Remove parts that may be in the way.

The driver's side is a little more crowded, specifically the low beam bulb. If you need to gain space for your arms, you may need to remove the air intake tubing (don't worry, it's not very difficult).


If you're removing the low beam bulbs, remove the plastic housing cap that covers the rear of the bulb.

The cap rotates counter-clock wise to remove.


Disconnect the wire connector from the bulb.

High Beams

On the H9 High beam bulbs, this step may be easier once the bulb is removed. If you're having trouble try removing the bulb first. The clips for the connector are on opposite sides of the bulb, you'll need to gently open them away from the bulb housing to unclip.

Low Beams

The H11 low beam bulbs have a single plastic clip unlike. They are a little difficult to reach inside the headlight housing.


Rotate the bulb and remove it.

Both style bulbs rotate about 45 degrees counter-clock-wise, then just slide out of the housing.

Install the New Bulb


Insert the new bulb.

Be careful not to touch the bulb glass. The oils from your skin can cause them to burn out prematurely.


Clip the wire harness back on.


Install anything you removed.

Final Test


Turn on the lights to test your new bulb. If the new bulb is a drastically different color or brightness, you may wish to replace the other side the same time.

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