Replace The Tail Lights And Blinkers on a 2016-2018 Nissan Sentra

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Replacing the tail lights, blinkers, and reverse light bulbs on a 2016-2018 Nissan Sentra requires a few tools.

These instructions show a Sentra model that doesn't have LED Brake lights. If yours does, there will likely be some differences in the housing or bulbs.

  • 10mm wrench or socket.

Locate the Burnt Out Bulb


Open the trunk.


Remove the carpet plastic trim clip near the tail light.

Using a flat tipped screwdriver, pop the center of the clip out, then pull the whole clip out of the hole.

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Fold the carpet back and remove the 2 x 10mm nuts that hold the tail light on.


Remove the Tail light lens.

The tail light housing has 4 mounting points.

  1. Top / inner threaded stud (with a 10mm nut)
  2. Bottom / inner threaded stud (with a 10mm nut)
  3. Middle straight pin
  4. Outermost slide clip (holds the pointy part nearest to the front of the car tight)

Remove the desired bulb by twisting it counter-clock wise.


Remove the bulb from the connector by pulling it straight out.


Install a new bulb.


Re-install the tail light housing.


Re-install the carpeting and carpet fasteners.

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