Applying The Raptor Roll On Bed Liner on a 2018 Toyota Tundra

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If your looking for that special something that protects your truck bed and you like the weekend medium difficulty jobs, Look no further. Bed liner is easy to apply and looks good for years to come.

Here is an easy to follow instruction on how to clean, prep and, apply Raptor Black Bed liner to your Toyota Tundra.

  • Roll of painters tape
  • Razor knife
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Breathing Respirator (optional)
  • 3" paint brush (For hard to reach areas)

Thoroughly clean out the bed of the truck of any dirty or debris that could hinder sanding of the paint. Clean out the bed by spraying to bed with degreaser or cleaning agent. scrub the bottom and sides of the truck bed until all of the dirt or oil is removed. Any remaining dirt or oil will cause bed liner to flake peel or flake off later on.

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Decide on if you want to cover the sides and the bottom of the bed or do you want to cover just the bottom. I coated the bottom of the bed. If you want to do the entire bed the same procedures apply.


After cleaning the bed of the truck, use the provided sanding blocks and start sanding by applying light-medium pressure to the sanding block with a front to back (with the bed lines). If the there are any spots of rust they should be sanded to bare metal, painted with metal primer, and primer must be allowed to dry IAW primer manufacture label. Continue sanding until the paint looks hazy and there should be no shiny spots left on the paint to ensure the bed liner has proper adhesion. Once all shiny spots have been removed from the paint proceed the next step.

Image 8726 from Applying the Raptor Roll-on Bed liner on a 2018 Toyota Tundra

Cleaning the truck bed is crucial in the last step. Start by rinsing all the dust that sanding left behind. Use a mild soapy water solution and wash everything thoroughly. Allow time for the water dry completely or use a leave blower to quickly dry or blow away all standing water. Once completely dry spray the de-natured alcohol on a rag and wipe the sides and bottom of the bed to clean all grease/ oils or soap. This will ensure that the bed liner adheres properly to the truck bed. Once you have wiped all areas with the de-natured alcohol move the truck or bed to a well ventilated area (Bed liner coating should only be used in a well ventilated area or with an in-line respirator as fumes are toxic) and not in direct sunlight. (if needed, use a adhesion promoter like 3M or Rust-oleum on possible trouble areas. Although it is not required but will ensure the coating adheres well to the bed or sides).


While the area that is being covered is drying, open the box and remove contents. The kit contains everything you need to cover up to 65 sq. ft. in 2 coats. 1 kit is sufficient for most standard sized truck beds. Lay out everything on a flat surface to ensure everything was received. The kit contains the following items- 2 x 750ml RAPTOR Bed Liner, 2 x 250ml RAPTOR Hardener, 1 x handle, 2 x rollers, 2 x trays, 2 x abrasive pads, 4 x pairs of gloves, Instruction sheet, BONUS 2 x anti-slip additive (for an anti-slip surface, if required) You will also need a 3 inch wide paint brush for getting hard to reach areas. The anti-slip additive is your choice to use. It adds a non-slip, sand paper like texture to the coating.


You may need to tape off areas that are not getting coated or covered like D-rings or tie downs. If you only are coating the bottom of the bed tape the sides where the side meets the bottom in a uniform fashion all the way around the entire bed. Bed sure to overlap the tape. It will be easier to peel off later on.

Image 8727 from Applying the Raptor Roll-on Bed liner on a 2018 Toyota Tundra

After laying out the contents of the box, taping off the areas that are not getting coated, and ensuring the area is well ventilated, attach the roller to the handle, and set aside. There are 2 containers labeled hardener and bed liner, use one container at a time.


MIXING: Put on protect latex gloves and safety glasses. Shake the bed liner container thoroughly for 1 min to ensure proper mixing, take the cap off and remove safety seal. Locate the container of hardener and mix lightly. Now is the time to add the non-slip additive you needed. Locate the zip lock bag with additive and pour the contents in the bed liner container. (use a little or all of it, the more you use the more non-slip the surface will be). If applying two coats, I would suggest not to use the additive on the first coat, but add it to the second coat. After adding the non-slip additive, slowly pour in the hardener into the bed liner container, replace cap on both container and start mixing the contents thoroughly by shaking for 3 minutes.


APPLYING: Once thoroughly mixed, pour bed liner in the provide paint tray. Load paint roller with bed liner coating and apply medium pressure in even strokes starting with the area closest to the cab working towards the tailgate. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Cut in areas hard to reach areas with a brush. Continue to apply coating to entire bed until finished. Also, be sure to inspect the area that you just coated for any small spots or very light areas where the coating is thin and re-apply if needed. I went with coating just the bottom and the tailgate. 1 can is just enough. If you coat the sides as well, both cans will be used for the sides and bottom of the bed. I was able to use both cans on the bottom which gave me a thick and heavy coat that should withstand the heaviest of use. If applying two coats, allow 40 minutes drying time between coats and follow the above mixing steps.


After applying the coating, dispose of all used material accordingly and stand back to admire your work and the beauty of a freshly coated bed.

Image 8728 from Applying the Raptor Roll-on Bed liner on a 2018 Toyota Tundra
Image 8729 from Applying the Raptor Roll-on Bed liner on a 2018 Toyota Tundra

Once the coating has fully cured it will be able to withstand the toughest jobs and look great for years to come. Cleaning your bed is as easy as spraying it out with a hose.

DRYING TIMES: Allow bed liner coating to dry/cure for 2-3 days for light use and 5-7 days for heavy use. DO NOT GET COATING WET UNTIL IT IS FULLY CURED.

Once the coating has fully cured it will be able to withstand the toughest jobs and look great for years to come. Cleaning your bed is as easy as spraying it out with a hose.

If damage does occur, repair is easy just sand or rough up the area and re-apply coating to repair the damaged area.

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