Change The Air Filter on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

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The stock engine air filter is super easy to change, it's certainly a good project for a novice who'd like to get more familiar with their car or anyone who just enjoys doing their own maintenance.

Scion and Subaru recommend that you replace the air filter ever 30,000 miles. This article shows an FR-S with just about 31,000. Keep in mind, the conditions you drive in can drastically change how often you need to change the filter.

We decided to upgrade to a K&N filter. I like them because they flow well and are easily cleaned. For my needs they're perfect, but if you want to nerd out about different filter materials check out this comparison at BobIsTheOilGuy.

Open The Hood


Pull the hood release lever under the driver's side dash. Unlatch the hood and prop it open.

Remove The Air Filter


Locate the Air Filter Box. It's just off center near the front of the car.


Un clip the 2 latches that hold the air box.


Separate the air box halves. There are 2 pegs on the bottom that hold it in place (pictured below), and the intake tubing sort of limits your movement.


Pull out the old air filter


Inspect the air filter. If it's dirty or full of debris, go a head and change it. If it's still clean and clear you can leave it it for a while longer!

Install The New Engine Air Filter


Slide the new filter into the box. Note the filter has one square corner to help you install it correctly. That square corner goes on the bottom toward the center line of the car.


Seat the air filter against the front box and close the box. Remember the tabs on the bottom need to be inserted correctly and the filter should seal completely in the box.

The intake tubing can be a little frustrating during installation because of how it limits your movement and how the air filter wants to sit. Be patient and give it a few tries if needed.


Lock the 2 clips in place. That's it!

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Changing the air filter on a Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ is an important step in maintaining the performance and longevity of your vehicle. In this article, we will discuss how to change the air filter on these popular sports cars, as well as provide helpful tips for disposing of any junk cars that you may have. We will also discuss where to find reliable junk car removal services and how to get cash for selling your junk car.

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