Change The Cabin Air Filter on a Chevrolet Cruze

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Learn how to change a 2011-2014 Chevrolet Cruze cabin air filter. The manufacturer's schedule says to replace it every 20,000 miles. This guide includes all the tools and parts needed to get the job done quickly.

A commonly overlooked maintenance item on todays modern cars is the cabin filter. The purpose of the cabin filter is to clean the air that enters through the ventilation system by filtering out pollen, dust, and other various materials (including some odors) that can give your car that not so new smell. This is particularly important if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems.

  • Flathead Screwdriver

Remove the Cabin Filter


The cabin air filter on a Chevy Cruze is located behind the glove box door. Begin by removing all the contents in your glove box.


With the glove box door open, there are 2 bumper tabs located on each side of the door. To remove these tabs, close the door slightly and then use a flathead screwdriver to pull the tab inward and down. The bumper tab should release from the side of the glove box door. Do this for each side.


On the right hand side of the door, there is a connector arm. Again, close the glove box door slightly and reach in and pull forward and release the arm. The glove box door will now swing down gaining you access to the cabin filer housing.


You should now see an access panel to the cabin air filter. There are 3 connecters, 1 on top and 2 on the side. Using a flathead screwdriver, release all 3 tabs to open the access panel.


With the access panel open, you can now remove the old cabin air filter.

Replace Cabin Air Filter


Insert your new cabin air filter back into the housing with the airflow arrow pointing DOWN.


Lift the access panel and snap it back into place.


Reattach the connector arm on the right hand side of the glovebox door.


Reinsert both bumper tabs. Slightly close the glove box door and with the rubber bumper facing towards the outside of the glovebox door, insert, twist and snap back into place.


Put back any necessary items you want in your glovebox, close it and enjoy fresh air on your next outing!

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