Change The Oil on a 2019 Chevrolet Trax

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Learn how to change the oil on your 2013+ Chevy/Holden Trax with a 1.4L Ecotec Turbo 4 Cylinder engine. This guide shows a US 2019 model, but the 1.4L shown has been in use since the Trax began in 2013. I'll cover every step, tool and supply you need.

Chevy calls for an oil change when the oil life indicator on the dash recommends, or about every 7,500 miles under normal use.

For the most part, changing the oil is very easy on this engine. Honestly the only part that could be easier is if Chevy mounted the oil filter in a place that's a little easier to get to.

Get Started by Lifting the Car


By far, the easiest way to gain access to the drain plug is to drive the Trax up on a set of ramps.

If you haven't used ramps before, just take your time and be careful. Drive up them very slowly. Have a friend watch if you can to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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Drain the Oil


Locate the oil drain plug and place your pan directly under it.


Remove the 10mm oil drain plug by turning it the normal counter-clockwise direction.

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Install the drain plug. Torque to 14 Nm / 10.3 ft-lbs.


Remove the oil filter housing using your 24mm socket or wrench.


Pull the old filter out of the housing.

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Replace the oil filter housing o-ring (if your filter came with a replacement).


Install the new filter into the housing and re-install the housing.

Fill with New Oil


Using your funnel, refill the oil. It takes approximately 4.25 quarts, but it may take less. Start by pouring in 3.5-4 quarts and checking the level.

Image 8651 from Change the Oil on a 2019 Chevrolet Trax

Finish Up


Start up the engine and watch the oil pressure light to make sure it doesn't stay on.


Visually check the filter and drain plug for leaks.


Re-check the oil level once the vehicle is level and has been run for a few seconds.

Resetting the Oil Service Light

There is a special procedure needed to reset the oil service light


Turn the key to power the dash without starting the car


Press the menu button on the turn signal lever


Scroll up and select Remaining oil life (using the rotating arrow collar on the turn lever).


Press the Set/CLR button


Turn the key off

Here's a video covering the oil percent reset steps.

##How to Get Rid of Your Old Oil?##

Be responsible, dispose of your oil properly.

Your local auto parts store will take your old oil as long as you don't mix it with any other fluids.

Depending on your state or county, your local fire department may handle recycled oil.

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