Change The Air Filter on a Chevrolet Impala

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This full diy guide for changing the engine air filter on any 9th generation 2006-2014 Chevy Impala covers all the part, tools, and instructions you need to do this job yourself.

Pictured is a 2008 Chevy Impala, which should match all years and engines from 2006-2011. The 2012-2014 Impala received a new air intake box and a different sized air filter, but the procedure and location of all the components is nearly identical.

Open the Hood


Pull the hood release lever under the dash.


Press the hood latch release to the side and raise the hood.

Unclip the Air Filter Box


Locate the air filter box and carefully release the air box clips.

The clips are fairly cheap, and often come apart and spring parts down into the depths of the engine bay where you'll never find them again. If you lose a clip or are already missing one, you can use these replacement air filter box clips as a replacement.

Remove the Old Air Filter


Open the box far enough to pull the old air filter out.

Install a New Air Filter


These air filters only go in one way, the longer side is horizontal.

Note the 2006-2011 filters appear to be equal sided squares but they are not. The previous filter used in our car was incorrectly installed and the air box could not close correctly as a result.


Fit the filter into the box. The side with the pleats faces away from the engine. Slide it into the box and seat the outer edge's moulded surface into the air box.


Angle the lower edge of the air box inward to capture the retaining brackets on the bottom of the box.


Close the top of the box and close all the air box latches.


Verify the air box is closed correctly by checking the gaps at the sides of the air box. You shouldn't see an much if any of the air filter and the edges of the box should fit together well.

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